This post is dedicated to those awesome people we call moms! Many women opt to stay home with their kids in their early years to get the most of their parenting experience; but once the kiddos are grown and going to school full time, what’s a mom to do?

Alternatively, you may be coming off maternity leave and aren’t totally at peace with going back to work full time. Worldwide, women report anxiety when considering leaving their babies in order to return to their careers.

Thinking about getting back into the workforce but aren’t sure where to start? For many moms, working part-time while your kids are in school is a great option. That means dusting off your resumé and giving it some needed TLC!

It can be hard to take a look at your life on a piece of paper, wondering why all the experience you’ve accumulated taking care of another human being doesn’t seem to count in the ‘real world’. But parenting isn’t a zero-sum game when it comes to being relevant in the workforce! You’ve gained a ton a skills – time-management, organizing, communication, problem-solving – it’s just a matter of how you market them.

No matter what you’re considering, you’ll likely need to dust off that resumé and give it an overhaul! We’re here to help.

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