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Whether you’re searching for your first entry level position, gaining experience overseas, or making a move to a new industry, you have a lot to offer and we want to make your talent stand out. 

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We will create, edit and augment your application documents ensuring they highlight your amazing skills to help you get the job you deserve and career you love. We will always respect your privacy.

our founder

Valerie has experience in North America (Canada), Europe (Germany), and Asia (Vietnam) and has worked in many industries including academia, telecommunications, retail, sports coaching, landscaping, language instruction, and the public sector.

Valerie is passionate about helping people find jobs they love, and truly enjoys making you shine through your résumé. A talented wordsmith, her thesaurus-brain makes flourishes out of bland text while her eagle eye catches the smallest typo. She has a Master of Arts and a TESOL English Teaching certification.

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