Bam! A pop of colour – fascinating fonts – weird layouts – Have you ever come across a resumé that was this visually appealing? If you answered yes, it probably means you work in a field like graphic design, communications, or public relations. In these industries, the presentation of your resumé can be just as important as its contents since it is a showcase of your abilities.

If you aren’t working in a comms industry, can you still jazz up your resumé with colours, images, or graphics? Of course! But be sure it’s done tastefully, and is appropriate for the vibe of the company you are applying to. Obviously, DON’T use a visual resumé if your application will be machine-read. Only start flexing your creative muscles if you know your resumé will go across an actual person’s desk or screen. Here are some basic Dos and Don’ts for adding some visual interest to your resumé.


DO: Go two-tone and split your resumé into two columns

DON’T: Use bright colours for this


DO: Add colour or design to section headings, your name and/or contact info

DON’T: Make it look like a rainbow exploded onto your page



DO: Use icons to easily distinguish between sections

DON’T: Use too many icons or icons that are not easily identifiable


DO: Use graphics to communicate quantifiable information like statistics

DON’T: Try to use infographics without actual data

Not sure how to make infographics? Check out this review of 5 online DIY Infographic Resumés.


DO: Keep things streamlined – leave sufficient negative space (white, blank areas)

DON’T: Overload your reader with two much visual stimulation


DO: Change the orientation to landscape (if you’re feeling adventurous!)


DON’T: Go overboard and use all of these at once unless you know this is what your company of choice is looking for.

DO: Make sure your resumé reflects your own style and conveys professionalism!

There are tons of free resumé templates and resumé builders out there that will get your creative juices flowing! Contact us for a thorough look over – we can vet the suitability to your industry and make sure that the content is appropriate and just as eye-catching and memorable as your design!

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