It’s the latest trend in North American job applications – the functional resumé. Also known as a skills-based resumé, the functional resumé details three main skill sets to emphasize these over position titles and specific duties. It’s a great way to show potential employers what you can do, not simply what jobs you’ve held. Use this type of resumé to move the focus towards where you want to be and what you can offer.

A functional resumé is particularly useful if you are changing industries. Maybe you’ve spent years in retail and have retrained to become a carpenter. It is also great for those who have large employment history gaps, like an individual recovering from an injury or a parent who has been on parental leave for some time. This style could also be used by students who are looking to begin in their field of interest but don’t yet have any experience relevant to their position of choice. Are you studying journalism? Gather the experience you’ve gathered volunteering for the school newspaper or the side job writing blogs together to support that skill set in your functional resumé.

What does it look like? The functional resumé includes many of the same sections as your classic resumé, but are scaled down. You’ll want to include your education and credentials, as well as select positions from your job experience, but there is no need to describe the duties. Some job seekers opt to include a summary of qualifications or a career objective, both of which are discouraged in the classic resumé, but are helpful for the reader to get a feel for where you want to go. The hiring manager will be taking a chance on you, so make sure to use examples that are relevant to the job you are applying to.

If you think a functional resumé is the right choice for you, there are many different templates available online to start from scratch. If you already have a classic resumé, let us convert it into a functional resumé for a flat rate! We’re always here to answer any of your questions, too.

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