The journey has now begun! I’m happy to finally have Lebenslauf up and running as 2019 rolls in. Setting up a business takes more time than you might think! Maybe, like I used to, you believe that starting your own business is only for those “entrepreneur- type people”. You know, the ones who are aggressive, outgoing, domineering, love to take risks and prove themselves to the world. In particular, I always picture men.

This is a very common ideation of what a business-owner looks like, but it isn’t a very accurate one.  A lot of characteristics that it takes to start and run a business are actually traits that might surprise you. For one thing, when starting a business you’re pretty much on your own – unless you have a business partner of course. Even then, typically, responsibilities are split and most work is performed completed independently – not so ideal for an outgoing extrovert, but pretty awesome for an analytical introvert!

There are around 2,668,500 self-employed people in Canada, and just over 35% are women, according to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. I actually owe a lot to a certain female business owner who gave me the final nudge towards setting up Lebenslauf. By happenstance we met through a military function. She told me about her part-time involvement as a musician in the reserves and her full time involvement running her online business. What a boost it can be simply to talk to someone who is where you want to be. Which brings me to:

Career Catalyst: Find someone in your network in a position that you admire, or even aspire to, and ask them to coffee for a chat about their career, their background, and how they got to where they are today.

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